The Sustainable Responsibilities of Technology Innovation

There are several main factors of thought when it comes to how to save our environment and ourselves from the inevitable manmade climate change. People believe that through technological innovation and economic development, we’ll figure out a way to solve our environmental problems and protect our world, while others believe we need to learn from nature and encourage only environmentally sustainable economic practices.

Here are 3 ways technology is improving tomorrow:

Renewable Energy

Some of the most recognised and important eco-friendly tech advancements in recent years have been in the clean energy sector. Renewable sources of energy like solar, wind and hydroelectric power have become much more widespread, as well as cheaper. For the first time in history, creating solar power energy has become cheaper than traditional means of power producing practices using fossil fuels.

The technology is advancing as well. Companies like The SunExchange, are helping to crowd source solar energy projects in communities around the world to provide cheaper, cleaner and more energy efficient solutions. Technological improvements have made renewables more efficient. Products like Tesla’s solar panels, which look just like regular roofing tiles, have made them more accessible and appealing to consumers.

Going Digital

Thanks to computers, smartphones and cloud storage solutions the need for physical data recording has become less necessary. Many companies send bills, newsletters and other communications over email rather than regular mail. Files are stored in the cloud, which is easily accessible from anywhere, rather than in physical filing cabinets. People are more frequently taking notes and managing their schedules on their smartphones rather than physical notepads and calendars.

This new way of being reliant on technology has lessened our dependence on the world’s tree population and has helped to reduce deforestation.

The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is a recent development that reduces our environmental impact by enabling individuals to purchase less and use fewer materials, while sharing and doing more without traditional sacrifices.

Companies like Uber make it easier to get around without owning a car. Airbnb helps homeowners and travelers take advantages of living spaces that aren’t being used, which consolidates the area and resources needed to travel. Services such as Netflix, Showmax and Amazon Prime Video have reduced the number of DVD rentals in favor of online streaming, which is reducing the need for postage, transporting the items and creating physical copies of movies.

Technology and the environment is far more closely linked than many think. Technology Mandated venture capital companies such as Kalon Venture Partners are investing in the technological revolution and invest in the technology solutions of tomorrow and believe that through the use of smart careful tech innovations we can develop sustainable ideas, and also help solve the ecological problems we have created. Tech may not be the lone answer to climate change, but it may be an important part of the solution.