September 2017 Update

Since our re-branding Kalon Venture Partners has seen some exciting progress that I would like to share with you.

Current Investments

Recently we announced our co-investment with Smollan Group into SnapnSave, SA’s largest cashback coupon program, which has gained good coverage in the press and positive feedback from SnapnSave customers. We are excited to be partnering with Smollan and for the growth prospects of SnapnSave, which we are planning to launch into the international market soon. If you did not receive the press release article, please click here to view the article on our website.

We have also recently concluded a deal, which is still subject to SARB approval, for a Blockchain Crowdfunding solution, The Sun Exchange (TSE). The Sun Exchange is a solar energy online marketplace. Since March 2016 its members have been buying solar units for commercial solar power plants located in the sunniest places on earth and earning rental income streamed in Bitcoin. TSE has over 30,000 solar cells in production with active members in circa 60 countries and an initial pipeline of over 100MW of solar projects across the globe. We will be co-investing with a Silicon Valley venture capital company, Network Society Ventures, who have made numerous investments into Blockchain technologies.

Current Pipeline and Due Diligence

Apart from the SnapnSave and TSE deals, we are currently engaging with a number of other disruptive technology companies with the intention of issuing Term Sheets within the next few weeks. These companies are spread across the following sectors: FinTech, InsurTech and the TravelTech space. We look forward to announcing some of these deals in the coming months.

Strategic Alliances

The board is excited to have partnered with CFO and the Finance Indaba 2017 – Africa’s largest finance conference which generates over 5000 attendees each year. This year the Finance Indaba will be taking place on the 12th & 13th of October at the Sandton Convention Centre. I will be sharing my views on the growing FinTech sector and why it is reshaping the landscape for businesses and individuals alike.

If you want a better sense of how FinTech is shaping your world and are just a little curious about how to create a better return on your hard-earned cash you can’t afford to miss this session! The session will take place on Friday, 13th October.

Day To Day Operations

Apart from our expert board, our day to day operations are continued to be run by a highly skilled and efficient team who are always available to be of any assistance you may need, whether it be from understanding more about your investment into our fund and the people involved and more.

If you have any other queries that you would like me to answer, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via mail.

Kind regards,

Clive Butkow

CEO Kalon Venture Partners