Kalon invests in people, not ideas or products. We invest in entrepreneurs who are seeing the world at a different angle and are building solutions to African problems through disruptive tech solutions.

We assist these companies with hands on involvement, to help build the businesses into assets of value and exit the business to trade buyers or through an IPO (a buy to flip strategy).

When investing in entrepreneurs, we look at a combination of factors in our pursuit of only the best businesses and their teams within the tech industry:

  • Strong Management Teams
  • Clearly defined exit strategy
  • Scalable business models (Profits increase faster than revenue)
  • Early stage with a revenue and profitability track record
  • Early stage businesses with revenue but not yet profitable
  • Traction with a referenced client base
  • High growth potential market opportunities
  • High gross margins and potential for recurring revenue
  • High revenue and profit growth potential
  • Strong competitive position within their targeted sector and differentiated Intellectual Property