Trust Email Again

Anyone can send email from your domain. In most cases, unauthenticated emails aren’t rejected by the server that receives them. Without the right protection, it’s almost impossible for recipients to tell if that email in their inbox legitimately came from you or not.

Sendmarc helps protect your staff, your customers, and your brand from email phishing and impersonation attacks – ensuring that only you can send email from your domain.

Flow Logo


Get Rewarded For Being A Great Tenant

With Flow tenants in South Africa get rewarded for registering, adding their property details, paying their rent on time, looking after their homes, and much more. Tenants can use the app and be rewarded for good rental behaviour. Flow is South Africa’s number one app for tenants. Flow has struck partnerships with a number of leading brands in the lifestyle, entertainment, homeware, fashion and travel space, all of which are valuable within the lives of millennials, a group which makes up a large portion of renters in South Africa.



AI-powered chatbots for the financial industry

FinChatBot develop chat bots to help financial service providers acquire & retain customers thanks to AI-powered conversations. FinChatBot promise to dramatically lower the drop off rate traditionally experienced by customers who engage with a call centre. FinChatBot has proven that acquisition of new customers via automated chat conversation has a much higher success rate than any other channel.

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Ozow (formerly iPay)

Make instant, secure, electronic payments straight into any South African bank account.

Ozow is an AEFT (Automated Electronic Fund Transfer) payment solution for both buyers and merchants that allows for secure and instant payment on all smart mobile and desktop devices. Payment can be made via SMS, Email, QR Code or Push Payments, saving the consumer time and the merchants money. Ozow’s solution allows the consumer to access and make secure, effortless, instant payments directly into a merchant's bank account, providing consumers and merchants with a safe, quick, convenient and easy method of payment.

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Get cash back when you shop in-store, just by snapping your till slip

SnapnSave is South Africa’s leading cashback coupon app that gives shoppers cashback on their favourite products, wherever they shop, just by snapping a photo of their till slip.

SnapnSave has given SA shoppers millions of rand in cash back into their bank accounts and has reached over 200 000 app installs. SnapnSave's till slip technology means shoppers can get cashback wherever they shop simply by taking a till slip selfie. The tech is all enabled without any till point integration that as a result means the product can easily scale into markets without any barriers.



Business Management & Accounting Made Easy

An online, cloud-based award-winning, Business Management and Accounting System specifically designed for people in small businesses who don’t understand accounting, making it extremely user- friendly particularly for small enterprises.


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