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What venture capitalists look for in tech…

January 22, 2019

I am actively involved in the South African tech entrepreneur ecosystem and invest in early-stage start-ups that are looking for growth capital. Founders ask me many questions, but there’s one they ask me more often than any other: “How do investors evaluate and invest in start-ups?” Having worked directly with over 100 early-stage tech companies across... Read more To view this article on ITwebs website please click here.

Leaders who Build vs Leaders who Destroy

November 1, 2018

As the leader of your company whether a startup or a multi-billion Rand company, you are in the spotlight whether you like it or not. People are going to watch you, discuss your actions, and mimic your behavior. The choices you make every day as a leader have an enormous effect on the fate... Read more

The 8 Most Important Lessons to Raising…

October 24, 2018

It is important for every entrepreneur to recognize that to raise venture capital (VC) is only one way to build and scale a business and the most important question every entrepreneur needs to ask is not “How do I raise venture capital?” It is rather “Do I need to raise venture capital?”. The following... Read more

Understanding Machine Learning in 5 Minutes

October 16, 2018

“Machine learning” sounds mysterious for most people. Only a small fraction of professionals really know what it stands for. The reason for this, is this technology hype word is rather technical and difficult. I would like to bridge this gap and explain simply what machine learning (ML) is and how it is being used... Read more

Five South African Fintech Dealmakers your startup…

September 6, 2018

Fintech is one of the fastest growing startup sectors in the world. A number of SA startups have secured multi-million rand investments of late, including in i-Pay, WiiGroup, Enterseckt and Luno. KPMG estimates in a report last year that global investment in fintech companies grew from $19-billion in 2015 to over $31-billion in 2017. While a number of insurance... Read more To view the article on Ventureburn's website please click here.

The irony of Venture Capitalists in South…

May 30, 2018

“The irony of venture capitalists in South Africa is that they don’t really venture,” said entrepreneur Benji Coetzee as Matt Brown kicked off the second in his Secrets of Scale events, hosted by MESH Club in Rosebank. In keeping with the Matt Brown Show’s quirky, honest and above-all authentic take on the challenges facing... Read more

i-Pay: The Role of EFT Payments in…

April 16, 2018

Thomas Pays, CEO of i-Pay explains that as e-commerce has become more popular, payment technology – particularly that around the security of online payments – has advanced alongside to benefit consumers, including EFT payments. “Consumers who are online demand shopping experiences that are less hassle than getting in the car and driving to the store,... Read more To read the article of bizcommunity click here.

Eight Gauteng startups to watch in 2018…

January 23, 2018

Johannesburg-based fintech startup i-Pay announced in November that it had secured a R10-million investment from venture capital (VC) firm and registered 12J VC fund Kalon Venture Partners. The startup’s electronic fund transfer (EFT) processing system automates EFT transactions and allows users to make instant, secure payments. Thomas Pays (pictured at right, together with Mitchan Adams, left and Lyle... Read more To view the full list click here.

Kalon Venture Partners Invests in i-Pay, Instant…

November 17, 2017

Kalon Venture Partners is pleased to announce its recent investment in a leading payment service provider, i-Pay. The investment was exclusively announced to our shareholders at our Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday. This deal is our third investment in 4 months and is a further example of the unbelievable deal flow we are... Read more