Entrepreneur Lessons – To Outsource or Not?

Entrepreneur Lessons from a Venture Capitalist - To Outsource or Not?

As an entrepreneur, should I outsource as much as possible?

When it comes to outsourcing it can be a difficult decision to make at first. Of course, there are some processes that can or even should stay in-house. However, most of them can be outsourced.

It is important to ask yourself a few main questions:

Which processes can be outsourced in my company?
How outsourcing these processes will effect my company? Both positively and negatively
How much more expensive it is to leave these processes in-house?
Do I have enough people to manage this many different tasks on a daily basis?
Am I able to find the right people to hire to work for me?
What is the most important for me in terms of my business?
You’ll probably find a few more questions along the way.

Depending on your priorities, abilities and resources – the answer might be different every time. It’s important to look at your business as a whole when making this type of decisions.

I’m all for outsourcing. I believe that finding the right partners can not only save your a lot of money but also help you grow.