VentureBurn – Grotech rebrand to Kalon Venture Partners

VentureBurn - Grotech Rebrand to Kalon Venture Partners

South African Section 12J venture capital (VC) company Grotech has rebranded as Kalon Venture Partners.

Kalon CEO Clive Butkow said the rebranding was to avoid being seen as associated with another Section 12J VC company, Grovest.

“The confusion in the marketplace was that we were an offshoot of Grovest and that’s where the initial idea for a rebrand came from,” explained Butkow.

This, he added, was partly driven by Malcom Segal being chairman of both companies. In addition Butkow is a non-executive director of Grovest. He said Segal will continue to chair Kalon.

Another factor driving the rebrand was that when the company was still known as Grotech it received a letter from a US company which has the domain, saying his company was “infringing on their identity. This, even though the US-based Grotech does not have a locally-registered entity.

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